Award categories

There are 15 categories to enter, for which there is a fee to pay for each Industry category entry. All fees are explained on the Entry Fees page of this website.

In addition to the Industry category Awards, there are five Silver Awards for Outstanding Achievement and an ultimate Gold Award for the Champion of Champions. These Silver and Gold Awards cannot be entered, however, as the Silver Awards for individuals are in the gift of ATF Professional and the Silvers for companies and the ultimate Gold Award are decided by the independent panel of judges from the Industry category winners.

The category list has been built from scratch in this first year for the Awards. The list below attempts to cover all relevant sectors for entrants but if you spot a gap or feel the scope of the categories does not include your particular operation please let us know. We will refine any criteria or qualifying notes throughout the entry period to ensure the categories are as inclusive as they can be.

For more help on how to enter please visit the How to Enter and Useful Advice pages of this website. Or to let us know about amendments to the category list please send an email to Helen Warrilow.


Industry Categories

It is acknowledged from the start that there are very different scales of operation across the vehicle recycling sector. The judges will be chosen for their expertise both in larger and smaller scale operations to ensure no company is overlooked. Judges will also have the discretion to nominate smaller, mid-size and larger operations as winners in any one category.

Salvage company of the year
(sponsored by Ward)

This category is open to any company involved in the salvaging of vehicles regardless of the size of its operation. Examples of criteria, but not exclusively, could be:

  • Growth of company
  • Examples of good practice and/or innovation
  • Good customer service – either B2B or B2C

Specialist ATF of the year
Companies that specialise in the recycling of vehicle of a particular marque can enter this category. It is a unique category for ATFs that describe themselves as specialists in the industry. Examples could be, but are not limited to, recycling only specific brands or types of vehicles (4x4s for example)      

Green parts company of the year
In recent years there has been significant growth in the promotion and use of reused (Green) parts. Those who have been involved in the sale and distribution of green parts are invited to enter this category. This category is open not only to vehicle recyclers but to all stakeholders. This can include but is not exclusive to, insurance companies and bodyshops. Examples include:

  1. Good practice
  2. Innovation in the selling of green parts
  3. Provision of logistical solutions
  4. Creation of good partnerships
  5. Promotion of the use of green parts
  6. Good service provision to either B2B or B2C customers

Software product or service of the year

This category invites individuals or companies that produce software relating to and improving vehicle recycling in the UK, including Software as a Service (SaaS)

Innovation of the year
(sponsored by Copart)

Innovation is defined as a new idea, device, or method. This award highlights innovation in the industry over the past year. This can include either innovation within the company or externally. (Examples could be new working processes, staff initiatives, logistic solutions

Service of the year
No company can survive without providing great service to its customers. This award has been created to highlight and reward those companies that have set high standards when it comes to supplying service to their customers whether they are a multinational company, a team or an individual    

Equipment of the year
This category covers any equipment related to the vehicle recycling industry

Health and safety innovation or initiative
An award to highlight health and safety in the workplace. Entries are invited from individuals or companies who have shown exceptional diligence in this area and have helped to keep those around them safe, including working during the pandemic to overcoming challenges, such as when collecting a vehicle, or similar situations and solutions

Training initiative of the year
Apprenticeships and any other training and development courses or initiatives are eligible, including re- or up-skilling of existing staff. This can include but is not exclusive to qualification training, health and safety and productivity training

Sales or marketing initiative of the year
(sponsored by ebay)
Including sales campaigns, advertising, promotion, PR, social media, community information, etc

Vehicle recycling partnership of the year
This award is available for companies that have worked together in order to improve any aspect within the UK vehicle recycling sector and can include companies or individuals working in partnership to provide solutions or innovation. This award is not only open to vehicle recyclers but also to any stakeholders in the industry working in partnership

Community recycling initiative of the year
(sponsored by Synetiq)

A category to award examples of ATFs being involved within the local community. Examples can include but are not exclusive to, charity events, local sponsorship and fund raining events. Other examples could also include promoting the importance of vehicle recycling

Recycling service provider of the year
An award open to companies or individuals who provide valuable services to the UK vehicle recycling industry. Examples are, but not exclusively, insurance companies, law firms, collection services, maintenance companies and othertypes of service provider

An award open to both UK and non-UK companies who are involved in the export and import of recycled vehicle parts. Examples of good practice and administrative practices are encouraged

(sponsored by ebay)

An award to celebrate sustainability in the vehicle recycling community. Regardless of company size, candidates are invited to highlight examples of promoting and/or setting good sustainable practices within their company


Special Award

Unsung hero of the year (FREE TO ENTER)
(sponsored by ATF Professional)
Individuals can be nominated for this Award, regardless of position, if they are perceived as having shown the best improvement or of going beyond their duty, in the eighteen months to May 31, 2022. An example of improvement can be an increase in productivity or responsibility. An example of beyond their duty could be finding work arounds during the pandemic to keep colleagues and/or customers safe. Please send your nomination and the reasons why you believe this person should receive the Unsung Hero Award directly to Helen Warrilow.


Outstanding Achievement Silver Awards

The following two awards for individuals cannot be entered as they are in the gift of ATF Professional

Rising star (aged under 35 on May 31, 2022)
(sponsored by ATF Professional)
This category looks to find the very best rising stars in the vehicle recycling sector and single out the most outstanding among them

Outstanding Individual of the year award
(sponsored by ATF Professional)

This Award is presented to the individual whose role and standing in the vehicle recycling sector singles them out as exceptional

The judges will decide the following Silver awards from all the category winners. A company winning more than one category will almost certainly be among those considered for this Award:

Outstanding company, initiative or achievement of the year
Sponsored by Adam Hewitt)
The Outstanding Silver Awards are presented to the vehicle recycling companies whose operations, performance, initiative, campaign or innovation represent the very best for their size and position in the market. The judges have the discretion and are encouraged to make awards as follows:

Outstanding smaller company (Staff headcount of 1-30 people)
Outstanding mid-size company (Staff headcount of 31-100 people)
Outstanding larger company (Staff headcount of over 100 people)


Gold Award

Finally, and in the gift of the judges, there will be an ultimate Gold Award:

Champion of Champions
(sponsored by e2e Total Loss Vehicle Management)

This Gold Award will go to the company deemed by the judges to be the very best of this year’s entries and is the highest accolade the judges can award.

Extended deadline for entries: July 29

Time is always precious and sometimes writing an entry submission is one of those jobs put off until the last moment. For a helping hand to write your awards entries contact:

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